5-Bedroom Home For Sale? Marketing Tips For A Speedier Sale

In general, a home with 5 or more bedrooms will always be in demand by large families who are specifically looking for more living space. As electricity and heating fuel costs continue to trend upward, however, some of these buyers have chosen to postpone their purchase of a larger home until utility costs stabilize.

With fewer buyers in some markets, homeowners who need to sell a house with 5 or more bedrooms may need to change their marketing plan to appeal to prospective home buyers who were not originally looking for such a large home. If you are currently planning to put up your 5-bedroom home for sale, here are some marketing tips for an improved selling experience. 

Court prospective buyers who telecommute 

The pandemic shutdowns created an explosion of growth in the number of households that operate small business ventures or telecommute on a frequent basis. When these activities are conducted within the average three-bedroom home, space limitations can quickly impede the growth and success of the small business venture or the ability of the telecommuter to be effective at their job. A home with 5 or more bedrooms can offer these families the space and privacy they need to work without interrupting the activities or comfort of the other family members. 

In addition to the bedroom or bedrooms suitable for office or business use, homeowners interested in appealing to these prospective buyers will want to stress certain features when marketing their home, such as: 

  • a separate entry suitable for customers, clients, or vendors
  • extra parking spaces
  • a dedicated phone line in the potential workspaces
  • high-speed internet access
  • a lack of subdivision restrictions against telecommuting or business activities 

Making sure that these features are prominently advertised in all marketing materials and online information will help to ensure that prospective buyers who need a large home for business or telecommuting activities will find it when searching for homes to consider. 

Court prospective buyers with a need for multi-generational housing

Families made up of more than one generation are another excellent market for homes with 5 or more bedrooms. Homeowners who want to increase their home's appeal to these prospective buyers can do so by stressing potentially attractive details about the layout and functionality of their home. In addition to extra bedrooms, features such as en-suite baths, kitchenettes, and secondary entrances can be helpful in marketing the home.

If you are currently planning to sell a home with 5 or more bedrooms, working with a seasoned real estate professional who offers local market experience and an aggressive marketing plan can be the best way to enjoy both a good selling price and a speedy sale.