Moving? Selling Vs. Keeping Your Rental Properties

Investing in real estate is a wise move, as real estate generally increases in value. Additionally, real estate produces revenue, especially when you have rental properties. Unfortunately, rental properties require management duties. So what should you do if you decide to move away from your rentals? Should you sell or keep them? You can choose either option, but keeping them is generally a smart idea. Here are several things to know as you decide. Read More 

5-Bedroom Home For Sale? Marketing Tips For A Speedier Sale

In general, a home with 5 or more bedrooms will always be in demand by large families who are specifically looking for more living space. As electricity and heating fuel costs continue to trend upward, however, some of these buyers have chosen to postpone their purchase of a larger home until utility costs stabilize. With fewer buyers in some markets, homeowners who need to sell a house with 5 or more bedrooms may need to change their marketing plan to appeal to prospective home buyers who were not originally looking for such a large home. Read More