Using The Latest In Tech To Sell Your Home

If it's been awhile since you last had a home on the market, you may be in for a few surprises. The days of advertising homes for sale by using newspapers or by a sign on the lawn are long gone. Those avenues of marketing homes for sale still exist, but you should get ready for a big learning curve if you want to compete with other home sellers that are increasingly using high-tech gear and methods to get their homes before potential buyers' eyes. Read on for a better idea of tech trends that could put your home on top of the home-selling market.

Droning On: These fun devices are not just toys; armed with a video camera, drones can capture video and photos from vantage points only dreamed of previously. Imagine being able to show exactly how close your home really is to the beach, that coveted school, or shopping areas. Few viewpoints come close to showcasing your home from the air with shots that display your home and yard as well as the beauty of your neighborhood to eager buyers.

Remotely Interested: While occupied homes show better than empty ones, it's not always an option to remain in your home until it sells. This can leave your home vulnerable to trespassers, plumbing leaks, and mother nature's fury. With digital monitoring, you can assure yourself of your home's status simply by checking an app on your phone. Cameras, moisture monitors, temperature controls, and more are available with easy-to-install systems that allow you to keep tabs from across the country, if need be. Imagine being able to save money by keeping your heating or air conditioning on energy-saving settings and being able to adjust them before a buyer steps inside.

Access Granted: Smart lock-boxes are a fairly recent advent. As you may know, a lock box allows your home to be accessed by a code anytime and by anyone with a need, such as a real estate agent or maintenance person. Now you can take that convenience a step further and use your smart phone to unlock and lock doors and to monitor the comings and goings from wherever you may be.

Putting Pen to Screen: With sites like DocuSign, you can sign any number of required legal forms when a buyer makes an offer to purchase. You can sign using a computer or your smart phone, with no need to hop on a plane or show up in person.

Speak to your real estate agent about these and other high-tech ways to get your home sold.