Have Kids? 2 Things to Consider When Looking for a New Home

When looking for a new home when you have kids, your search gets much more complicated. You must start considering the needs of your children in addition to what you are looking for in a home. While bedroom sizes and living space is always important, you need to start thinking about the neighborhood's amenities and features that your children will be regularly using. Having the right features can easily make a home look much more appealing when you look at the big picture. Here is what you should consider.

The School System

One aspect you should be paying close attention to is the local school system for the home. Some parents insist on keeping their kid in the same school, which limits the range that they can look for a new home. For kids that have not yet entered school, you may be looking for a district that will be a great choice for your child to start their education.

Start by looking at your state's school report card to see how the local schools are ranked. You may find that one district outshines another, even thought they are located within the same city. You'll also want to look into how your child will be getting to school, and if the district offers a bus service or if your child will need to be driven or walk to their school.

The Recreational Activities

You may have a big backyard, but you cannot beat the fun that a child can have at a local park. Take a look at what type of local recreational areas there are near the home, and see if they are within walking distance. When your children are young, you'll be taking them to the local playground, but that will eventually evolve into games of baseball, tennis, or basketball. Having parks with these types of amenities will be something they'll take advantage of throughout their childhood, and even having a big backyard can't make up for it.

You should also look beyond the local parks and find out what additional activities the community offers, even if they need to be paid for. This includes access to swimming pools, after school programs, and other youth organizations. It not only keeps your children busy, but is how they will make friends that live nearby.

For more tips on what you should look for in your community that concerns your kids, ask your real estate agent for advice.