Factors To Think About When Choosing Between A One-Story And Two-Story Home

If you are shopping for a house to buy and are not sure if you should buy a two-story home or a home with just one floor, there are several key factors to think about and evaluate as you begin house hunting. These factors can help you determine which type of house is better for your needs, and they can help you know what to examine if you look at both types.

Stairs pose dangers

The first thing to consider is that two-story homes have stairs, while one-story homes do not unless they have a basement underneath. Stairs can be dangerous, especially for elderly people and small children. When a house has stairs, there is always the risk that someone will trip and fall down them. This can lead to major injuries in some cases, and you should think about this before you start shopping for a house to buy.

Second floors can be noisy, yet they offer privacy

If you look at older two-story homes, you might find that the floors on the upper level are rather noisy. This can occur from the way a house was built, and it might cause you to hear people walking upstairs when you are on the main floor. If you view two-story homes, listen closely to see if the floors are noisy, because fixing noisy floors is not an easy task.

Even though some two-story homes have squeaky floors, a two-story home offers the benefit of more privacy. With two-stories, you can send your kids upstairs so you can be alone, or you can hide your messes upstairs, and guests will not see them.

Two-story homes often cost less per square foot

One other factor you should consider is the cost differences. In many cases, it costs less per square foot to buy a two-story home compared to a one-story house. This occurs because a two-story home requires less concrete for the foundation and fewer shingles for the roof. Builders often tell people that building up is less expensive than building out.

The prices of homes will vary, though, by size, location, condition, and age, and it's important to view multiple homes to find the one that is right for you.

As you think about these factors, you might have a better idea as to which type of home you should look for. If you would like to see homes for sale in your area, contact a real estate agency like Re/Max River & Sea.