Selling Your Home This Year? Why You Should Just Say No To The FSBO

Selling a home is always a big deal. In fact, for most Americans, the sale of the family residential home is often the largest single financial transaction they will make during their entire lifetime. With so much at stake, home sellers cannot afford to make a mistake, yet some still find themselves wondering if they should try to save money by considering a for-sale-by-owner sale instead of hiring a professional real estate agent. If you are planning to sell your home this year and wondering whether you should sell it on your own, here are some very valid reasons to just say no to the FSBO. 

Setting the right price

The most important factor in a successful sale is setting the right price so that you get the best possible price for your home at the closing table. In real estate, the price depends both on what your home offers in the way of value and amenities and the amount a qualified buyer is willing to actually pay for it. The best way to set the right price is by comparing it carefully with other similar homes that have recently sold in the same general area.

The average homeowner does not have the time, experience, or available data to easily do the comparisons needed to arrive at the right price for their home. Instead, they often make the costly mistake of over- or under-pricing their home. Hiring an experienced, successful real estate professional will ensure that your home is priced correctly so that it sells quickly and nets you the highest possible profit in the shortest possible selling time. 

Getting the right market exposure

Another part of the home selling process that is very difficult for homeowners to manage on their own is getting the right level and type of market exposure to get the home sold. Ideally, information about a home that is for sale should be available to as many qualified buyers as possible, yet doing so takes much more than placing a classified ad or asking friends to share the information about your home on social media. 

In contrast, successful real estate agents have invested time and money into building a solid networking system, complete with a results-driven marketing process, that will ensure exposure to millions of ready buyers. To learn even more reasons why you should say no to the FSBO sale and work with a real estate agent, make plans to meet with and interview a few of the most active agents in your immediate area.